PHP FFA provides you with the best possible way for you to advertise your message and allow visitors to leave their links on your site. Unlike other FFA programs, PHP FFA requires people to 'validate' their email before their link is posted. This means that a special code is sent to their email along with instructions - and your advertising message. If the person was planning on using an auto-responder or a fake email, he/she will never get the message and their link will never be posted onto the site. This method helps improve the chance of someone will actually read your advertising message. The validation is sent for each and every post that is submitted - which further helps you.

Software Details

This application features over 8,400 lines of php code, a template design, a complete admin interface, and CSS. Very easily, you can install and customize this program for your purposes.


02-16-2000 - Version 0.7 Released.
03-13-2000 - Version 0.8 Released.
03-27-2000 - Version 1.0 Released.
04-30-2002 - Version 2.0 Released.
02-03-2003 - Version 2.5 Released.
02-17-2003 - Version 2.6 Released.
03-06-2003 - Version 3.0 Released