phpDealerLocator is a full featured zip code locator software that runs on your own website/webserver !

phpDealerLocator helps you turn your website visitors into customers by providing them information on the closest places to buy your products or services. phpDealerLocator is a simple, straight forward solution that enables you to add a store locator to your website in minutes.

phpDealerLocator is a complete PHP application to allow your visitors to search for the nearest dealer, store, or location based on their zipcode, state, country, or specialty.

Help your website visitors find the nearest location for your products or services with this quick and easy web based php application. Your website visitors will be able to search by name, distance, zipcode, country, state, or specialty to find the closest locations.

Online Demo - Visit our online demo (client side / admin side) to demo phpDealerLocator 5 and all of its features !

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Software Details

Complete administration area included with ability to export statistics on searched dealers to CSV. This application features over 34,000 lines of php code, a template design,  hundreds of custom programming hooks and CSS. Very easily, you can install and customize this program for your purposes.


  • ... is a one time license purchase that runs on YOUR server (shared, dedicated, or virtual).

  • ... allows you to have unlimited locations/dealers with one license (limited to 100 dealers for phpDealerLocator Free).

  • ... is a fully customizable application - you can display only the search options you want your visitors to use.

  • ... allows you to have 10 custom fields to store any details you need for each of your locations.

  • ... integrates with Google Maps/Yahoo.

  • ... allows you to search by radius, country, state, phone number, latitude/longitude coordinates, and/or category/specialty.

  • ... is easy to customize to match your website design.

  • ... allows you to assign category 'tags' to your locations so you can filter locations from search results (example - display only stores that have a website)

  • ... can be customized to your exact specifications for a lot less than you think.

  • ... tracks which locations are being viewed by people performing searches.

We have five different versions of phpDealerLocator to suit every level of need. Click Here to see a comparison of the different versions.

phpDealerLocator Free - Limited to 100 dealers, this ionCube encoded version allows you to try out the full version without any cost. Download / Comparison.

phpDealerLocator Classic - This ionCube encoded version includes all the features of the Standard version without the ability to edit/view the source code. Purchase / Comparison.

phpDealerLocator Standard - This flagship version includes full source code, categories/specialties, unlimited dealers, CSV importing/exporting, statistics, dealer images, preferred dealers, and much.. much... more. Visit our store to purchase and download this version. Purchase / Comparison.

phpDealerLocator Pro - This version builds upon phpDealerLocator Standard by adding a the current US Postal Code database and 15 days of priority support. Purchase / Comparison.

phpDealerLocator Premier - This version expands upon phpDealerLocator Standard by offering 30 days of priority support, the current US Postal Code database, and the latest North America areacode database.  Purchase / Comparison.


01-02-2003 - Version 1.0 Released
02-10-2003 - Version 1.5 Released.
03-06-2003 - Version 2.0 Released.
04-08-2003 - Version 2.5 Released.
08-15-2003 - Version 3.0 Released.
11-25-2003 - Version 3.5 Released.
02-05-2004 - Version 3.6 Released.
08-04-2004 - Version 4.0 Released.
12-04-2004 - Version 4.05 Released.
11-05-2005 - Version 4.5 Released.
01-05-2006 - Version 4.5.1 Released.
02-27-2006 - Version 4.5.2 Released.
09-30-2006 - Version 4.6.0 Released.
10-15-2008 - Version 5.0.0 Released.
11-11-2008 - Version 5.0.1 Released.
11-17-2008 - Version 5.0.2 Released.
01-09-2009 - Version 5.0.3 Released.
01-19-2009 - Version 5.0.4 Released.
01-21-2010 - Version 5.0.5 Released.
10-02-2010 - Version 5.0.6 Released.
02-28-2011 - Version 5.0.7 Released.
09-08-2011 - Version 5.0.8 Released.
09-26-2011 - Version 5.0.9 Released.
11-30-2012 - Version 5.1.0 Released.
05-21-2013 - Version 5.1.1 Released.