Your PHP Pro

Assistance Plans

Your PHP Pro has been helping people with their website issues for over 10 years and have helped countless clients solve problems ranging from simple to complex. Sometimes you need a simple helping hand with a programming, database, VM, operating system, or website issue. Whether it be an error message or just a simple question about how something works we are here for you! Maybe you just need to be pointed in the right direction or need an additional set of eyes to look over an issue. We can help!

Programming / Q & A Plans

Five Minute Q&A

$ 9.95
  • Have a programming questions and need to be pointed in the right direction ? Need a quick server question answered ? Want someone to audit a few lines of SQL code ? This option is for any support need that is 5 minutes or less.

15 Minute Q&A

$ 24.95
  • Have a tough programming question? Need some server questions answered quickly and efficiently? We offer that too! Want someone to audit your SQL code for potential vulnerabilities or make recommendations on how it can be improved - we've got you covered. Get pointed in the right direction with this 15-minute programming option.

60 Minute Discussion

$ 95.00
  • Need custom PHP code written ? Need a few mySQL queries created? Looking for someone who is expert at finding those pesky security issues lurking deep down within websites/servers ? Want your server benchmarked to see how much traffic it could handle ? This service offers everything mentioned above plus discussions lasting up to 60 minutes.